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Top Performers
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Bold Ambition
Comfortably Numb
Goldmine Cock
Gold Ink
Good As Gold
Guts n Glory
Just Like Honey
Metro Girl
Pet Hen
Planet Che
So Far So Good
Ten G
Queen Adelaide

Awards Include

Greg Hamilton
Inducted 2018 to the
SAHPA Wall of Fame

4x1st SAHPA

Overall Champion.

13x1st SAHPA Races
(not counting SRC or SDC)
record currently held by the late great champion
Keith Wickham 17x1st

3x1st South Australian Long Distance Club
Overall Champion.
(only flyer to win 3 times)

3x2nd SAHPA
Overall Champion.

4x1st SAHPA
Bird of The Year

Against approx
250 members
30,000 pigeons

Results Include
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Record Breaking
Best Ever SAHPA
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SAHPA Record
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New Record 2017
First 7 placings!!
South Australian Derby 400klm against 1,229b
Best Ever SAHPA
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Hamilton Racing Pigeons
Our top class family is supported by top results at a high level of the sport for us & others. 
Hamilton Pigeons - Quality, Type and Performance

Above; BCC SA 17 05281 sitting on his first pair of eggs. 5281 is a top racing son of "Metro Girl" 1st SAHPA Coober Pedy 720klm when she was paired to a son of "Good As Gold" 1st SAHPA Ceduna 540klm, 1st SAHPA SDC Kimba 263klm. The nest mate sister to 5281 was 3rd SAHPA The Twins 607klm against 2,000 pigeons.

Above; The first pair of youngsters bred from BBH 05185 "So Good" 1st SAHPA The Twins 607klm 1322b. Seven (7) of our Association winners are represented in these fine youngsters.

Hamilton Racing Wins
1st SAHPA Aggregate Points 2018.

Record breaking total of 290 points from 12 SAHPA races
Highest ever average of 24.16 points per race from possible 30.

Hamilton Racing wins 1st SAHPA Bird of The Year 2018
BBH SA 16 06786
2nd SAHPA The Twins 607klm (landed with winner)
3rd SAHPA The Twins Special 607klm (landed with 2nd)

Hamilton Pigeons score heavily in almost 10 hour fly at 1036mpm.
Weekend of September 29th 2018
1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, SAHPA The Twins 607klm

Also 23rd, 32nd, 33rd, 34th & 35th positions against 1,322 birds

Greg Hamilton is pictured with Tim Fawcett during verification of the winning birds.

Hamilton Pigeons perform well in money races.

Weekend of September 15th 2018
2nd SAHPA Terang Sires Produce 555klm
2nd Gold Coast $50,000 Feature Race 680klm

Hamilton Pigeons score 2nd, 3rd, 4th, & 5th SAHPA
Terang 555klm against 1,137 birds

Weekend of September 8th 2018

Hamilton Pigeons score 2nd, 3rd, 7th, 8th, 9th & 10th SAHPA
The Twins Open 605klm against 2,000 birds

(6 birds in the top 10) Weekend of September 1st 2018

Hamilton Pigeons score 2nd & 3rd SAHPA
The Twins 5B Special 605klm

Weekend of September 1st 2018

Hamilton Pigeons score 1st, 2nd & 3rd SAHPA
Hamilton 5B Special 455klm

Weekend of August 25th 2018
(All three being granddaughters of champion "Pet Hen")
Ace flyer Ross Chapman scores 4th & 5th in same race with Hamilton pigeons.

Hamilton Pigeons score 9th & 11th SAHPA Lyndhurst
  485klm against 2,779 birds

Weekend of August 18th 2018

Hamilton Pigeons score 3rd & 4th SAHPA Glendambo
Young Bird Classic 490klm against 2,674 birds

Weekend of August 4th 2018

Above; BCC SA 17 05190 one of our top race cocks from 2018 season having placed 3 times with an average unirate of 0.93% including 6th SAHPA SDC Bookaloo 330klm 2666b.
This magnificent pigeon descends from champs "Matteo" "Pet Hen" and "Ermerdream"
Three (3) Hamilton Racing Association winners are close up in this cocks pedigree.
* A full brother was 2nd in Race 2 Gold Coast 50,000 2018.

"Quality is our promise"

Boost your performance with Hamilton pigeons
Exceptional in intelligence, speed and endurance.

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